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We were 10 years at the market - there were favorites & new items
every Saturday - from 2015 place your special order - call or online

At Trail Garden you'll find classic and authentic Swedish Baked Goods of the best quality.
"Kransar och Bullar" - Cinnamon and Cardamom - Wreaths and Buns and much, much more!

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Kardemummabulle Bergis At theMarket
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Trail Garden was in Wilmington, DE on May 11th a few years ago for the Swedish Royal visit to commemorate 375th anniversary of colonists' arriving on Kalmar Nyckel.

- we were at Colonists' Day in Wilmington April 13 - photos here

- we met the King and Queen of Sweden on May 11th Photos - photos here!

- read more at the Sweden Centre website, NewsWorks, and New Sweden Alliance.