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Eva's Swedish bakery a.k.a. Trail Garden Bakery

Emerald Hills, Emerald Hills, California 94062, United States

(301) 514-7309


Monday - Saturday (please call)

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Baking is fun! Before I even knew anything about baking I played with my Moms  wood burning "toy" stove, burning small sticks and baking mini cookies and small  buns. As a microbiologist I am fascinated by the yeast's marvelous work. ~Eva



About the ingredients I use: No preservatives ~ Always unbleached flour ~ Fresh cake yeast ~ Eggs from Free Walking Hens ~ Pearl Sugar and Vanilla sugar from Sweden ~ the best Cinnamon and Cardamom

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I have a passion for taste, and a flare for style. There is nothing like the smeel of new baked buns, small Swedish cookies and Princess Cake!